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A Letter From the Editor & Publisher of The Local Green

Mendocino County has a world-wide reputation for its breathtaking coastline enchanting forests, lovely vineyards, and all the historic and artistic charms of its communities. It’s also world-famous for its marijuana.

Now, with the passage of Proposition 64, big changes are in the air for Mendocino County locals and visitors who use marijuana or other cannabis products for recreational or medical purposes.

With the continued growth of the medical cannabis industry, and now the legalization of recreational cannabis use, much of the old stigma associated with cannabis use is fading. Cannabis-related business has moved from the Cheech and Chong era into the Mom and Pop era, which may eventually lead to a Corporate Green era—we just don’t know yet.

It’s still hard to predict exactly what all these changes will look like in the long-term, but some of them are already underway. A growing body of research supports a wide range of medical applications for cannabis-based treatments, and this field is poised for huge growth in the future. As the new laws take effect, cannabis will become a larger and more visible factor in our agricultural economy, and our economy overall. Other local businesses are already participating in the green economy by supplying an array of goods and services to medical providers, patients, growers and consumers. More will follow.

And there will be visitors. The world-famous brand of Mendocino as a tourist destination, combined with the renown of Mendocino marijuana, is sure to boost so-called “canna-tourism.”

Are there likely to be bumps in this road? Certainly. California’s Prop 64 makes an attempt to learn from both the failures and successes seen in other states that have legalized, such as Colorado. But there will be more to learn we can be sure. There will be challenges for law enforcement, particularly on our roads. There will be environmental issues, education issues, and probably other issues we can’t foresee.

Yes, there will be changes and challenges, successes and failures, and no doubt all of us will be watching closely, throughout Mendocino County and our entire state. Now a new publication called The Local Green is launching to explore all of these changes as they happen. The Local Green will offer features and news on emerging cannabis-related business and culture.

We will strive to maintain a grownup, community-minded and business-friendly approach to the positive changes and the challenging consequences of this new era in Mendocino County.

Carole Brodsky, well known to readers of and other local publications, has been covering and writing about the local cannabis scene for years. We’re lucky to have her onboard as head writer and assistant editor of The Local Green.

We invite you to stop by and see what we’ve done with the place. We think you’ll find something informative and useful, whether you’re a local citizen or businessperson, or you’re a visitor from near or far just wanting to know more about the Mendocino scene.

We look forward to being a part of the future.

Roy Dufrain Jr., Editor & Publisher.