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Ukiah Art Exhibit Looks at Cannabis and Mendocino Life

Art Exhibit Examines Effect of Cannabis on Mendocino County Life

Art Exhibit Examines Effect of Cannabis on Mendocino County Life

In 2016, the Oakland Museum of California presented an award-winning exhibition called Altered State: Cannabis in California. In the same year, the people of California voted to end prohibition of the recreational use of cannabis.

As we enter a new era of cannabis in California, what will this mean for the people of Mendocino County? Are the taboos surrounding the role of cannabis in Mendocino County’s economy and everyday life truly ready to fall away? What is gained by legalization? What is lost? Most of all, what opportunities now exist to begin more open conversations about cannabis and its place in our lives as Mendocino County residents? And what if we invite these conversations to occur through the lens of art?

The Arts Council of Mendocino County invites Mendocino County artists to submit work for inclusion in an exhibit dedicated to this conversation. Work may be submitted in any media, and may include participatory projects that invite viewers to respond or provide immediate feedback. Inspired by the Oakland Museum exhibit, we too will offer a Cannabis Confessional—a booth where you can anonymously share your personal experiences with cannabis.

Work that is documentary in nature, work that calls stereotypes into question, and work that invites viewers to question their assumptions and provide feedback is particularly welcome.

The goal of this exhibit is to use art to begin talking with each other about the role of cannabis in Mendocino life, in all its diversity, and during this time of transition. Exhibit space is limited, and works to be included will be selected based on available space as well as their capacity to contribute to a rich and nuanced conversation.

To learn more about how to contribute work for consideration, please visit and look under “ACMC NEWS,” or pick up entry instructions at 309 East Perkins Street in Ukiah. Work may be exhibited anonymously at the request of the artist. Donations in support of the ACMC’s exhibition program are welcome.<hr>

Deadline for entries: May 1, 2017

Opening Reception: June 2, 2017 5-8 pm
Dates of Exhibit: June 2-30, 2017

309 East Perkins Street Ukiah. (the old train station)